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Time Passed Me By Title

Sun Time Passed

Flower Time Passed Time Passing Me By

Now ainít it funny when time passes you by
It donít leave no tracks but in your minds eye
Looking forward to yesterday when it was tomorrow
Ya canít take the time back or ask time to borrow

Ya have time a coming but then it is all gone
Standing in one place time donít stay so long
Time stretching out a head even to the horizon and sky
Looking back time is just memories to you and I

Flower Time PassedTime like the puffy white clouds in a clear blue sky
Changing always changing and then it passes you by
Time O time canít you stop for a minute and at least say hi
Time never gets old like me it just passes me by

Iím rich with all of the time that I spent
Perhaps if I ask God for more time even to rent
Where O where is all of that time when yesterday was tomorrow
Canít I reach back to that time and just borrow
Time Passing Me By

Flower Time Passed
This time passed me by, was written by,
Dale L. Neill of Lewiston Idaho.
February 25, 2006

Sun and Flowers Time Passed




God's Perfect Timing Angel Stories.



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Time Passing Me By
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