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A Morning Like This

It was morning like any other, and who would have expected
The world would be changed forever, as Jesus was resurrected.
This day would not be as any other day.
He broke death's bonds and opened life's way.
He eternalized life-gave it an entirely new dimension.
He's Alive! He's Alive! Wonder beyond comprehension.

This morning it makes a difference of how men live and how they die.
It gives new reason and purpose to life's haunting question, "Why"?
It has exposed the myth that life is limited to our days on earth.
Revealing a future of eternal riches, of heavenly worth-
A world where tears, sorrows and death are no more,
A Kingdom prepared, a home waiting and Jesus is the door.

A morning like this bursting with promise and hope,
Showering abundant blessings on all in its scope.
Promises of God in life's challenges, and circumstance,
Find their "Yes" in Jesus Christ, not in chance.
"If God be for us, who can be against us", writes Paul of the life,
Nothing can separate us from Christ's love, not circumstance or strife.

In this morning true hope is birthed as the stone is rolled away.
It was hope for this life and for the coming day.
Man's life is not limited to the days on this sod,
He will truly live eternally in the presence of God.
Yet he can live now, with eternity in view,
And that controls what he will say and do.

What a wonderful morning in the Spirit's comforting breeze-
My sins are forgiven-in this freedom, I find release.
With the living Christ's presence to guide, help and strengthen,
Assuring my salvation, and my days eternally lengthened.
His Grace, and His goodness, and love without measure,
I praise Him, adore Him, rejoice in His treasure.

A Morning Like This

"A Morning Like This" by Alan E Ericksen.

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