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As I observe creation in its infinite design
I marvel at the beauty in every living thing.
Flowers, trees and shrubbery of every size and kind
bringing forth their blossoms in the dawn of early spring.

Dahlia, Life by Gerald R Hill

I see all kinds of animals, running wild and free,
birds in all their glory passing overhead in flight.
I watch the fading sunset across an endless sea,
and I am over come by this magnificent sight.

And what of man's existence, a marvelous work of art.
Should I believe that we evolved from oceans on to land,
or that it was a cosmic storm which gave all life its start?
No! I believe creation comes by a loving Father's hand.

A thousand sparkling mysteries I see up in the sky,
and wonder about the stars beyond which even less is known.
It truly is a wondrous thing which I cannot deny,
and I'm convinced beyond a doubt that we are not alone.

For if it's true what I believe, (and I am sure 'tis so),
that by design and not by chance how all life forms began.
Then surely all the stars above and earth which lies below,
are but a small important part of a vastly greater plan.

I look upon creation and I am filled with awe,
that life and beauty might exist like this on other spheres.
And if all life and beauty is controlled by higher law,
then I'm content and truly blessed that I can live life here.

Life from Reflections by Gerald R. Hill

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