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Country Autumn title

Autumn leaf on rocks

Beautiful hues of autumn—orange, red, and gold mingle among evergreens as I stroll country lanes.

Sumac, oak, and maple blend with aspen along field and riverbank.

Leaves drift rhythmically on the wind like fluttering butterfly wings, and crunch noisily ‘neath my wandering steps.

Chill air reminds me winter is near—snowflakes soon will fall, covering Mother Earth in blankets of white.

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Movie by Steven 10-16-08

Through a myriad of color, I glimpse log cabins sheltered by dense woods. Envy consumes me for dwellers within viewing season’s change through sectioned windowpanes.

Long ago memories of crisp autumn mornings, warm afternoons, and cozy evenings by the hearth return to captivate my mind.

The sweet smell of Chimney smoke in misty skies, fill me with reluctance to leave this glorious place.

Autumn season holds time suspended as seeds slumber ‘neath leafy coverings awaiting spring thaw.

Under this forest canopy, I witness the wonders of nature and our Lord.

Country Autumn written by Tamara Hillman.

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