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Commitment by Gerald R. Hill


Search your heart prayerfully,
true happiness lies within.
Control your thoughts carefully,
let not Satan enter in.

Give of yourself graciously,
let wisdom guide your life.
Seek to help others continually,
dwell not on personal strife.

Believe in yourself totally,
you'll find when given a chance.
By examples you display humbly,
other lives you will surely enhance.

Follow not Blindly

Follow not Satan blindly,
trust in God to show you the way.
He will bless you openly,
if to Him you continually pray.

Do the Lords' bidding willingly,
take pride in the way you live.
You will find joy eternally
if in turn you willingly give.

Prayer Rock

True happiness will come unceaseingly
if these principles you will embrace.
Your joy in the lord will be heavenly
when you meet Him, face to face.

Reflections by Gerald Hill

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