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There is a quote of infinite truth
and is a fact that touches us all;

"All that is needed for Evil to triumph
is for good men to do nothing at all".

Down through the ages in history
it has been proven time and again,
when man has forsaken his faith in God,
righteous endeavors have crumbled in vain.

Wars endured and the rumors of wars
and other evils contrived by man,
are the direct result of a loss of faith
that we're God's children, and in His hands.

When faith is lost, (or was never there),
it's certain what the outcome will be;
Evil's tentacles will lash out on the world,
touching everyone, like you and me.

If everyone could have Christian spirit
and true love for his fellow man,
discontent, mistrust and personal greed
would have no place in a world so grand.

The answer to the foreboding dilemma
that we find in the world today,
is a rebirth of faith in our Savior's love
for spiritual guidance to lead the way.

And so the saying holds true to course
which bares meaning for us all;

"All that is needed for Evil to triumph,
is for good men to do nothing at all".

Which path to Take, four arrows.

Your life is a reflection of the thoughts you think, the choices you make, your actions and your words. These seemingly small and insignificant in-the-moment decisions that you make every day, about how you spend your time, the company you keep, what you put into your mouth, and what comes out of your mouth all add up to make your reality.

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