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Calvary's Hill by Colan L Hiatt


Calvary's Hill

Calvary's Hill

If on a canvas, I could sketch
A picture I'd like to portray
It would be of Christ, the sinless One
On Calvary's hill, that glorious day

Hoisted high, on a rugged cross
There, for our sins, to atone
No other way, the Father saw
No greater love, was ever shown

Through the ages, God, the Father
Had reached out, to wayward man
To draw him from, his sinful path
Since in the garden, sin began

When former dispensations failed
He said, I know what I will do
"I will send my beloved Son"
Atonement for, gentile and Jew

High atop that lonely hill
God's love was made manifest
The greatest decision, you'll ever make
Your destination, here it will rest

If a brief discussion I could have
With you, for just a little while
It would be about our destiny
What happens at, that final mile

Of no great or mighty feat
Could I ever boast or claim
But to proclaim, unmerited grace
That would be my sincere aim

The greatest of, all the events
That have unfolded in the past
Was what happened on Golgotha's hill
Calvary's mission, - the first and last

Colan L Hiatt 09-16-13
© All Rights Reserved