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The Answer Is Prayer, Call On Him

Call on Him Baby Chick

When all seems lost in life's struggles,
and you feel like you're going nowhere;
just remember, The Lord is here with you,
if you will call on Him, sincerely, in prayer.

He will never ask you to do something
that will bring harm to you, or anyone;
but He will ask you for a commitment
to be the best that you know can be done.

Not everything in life can come easy,
life's experiences do not happen that way;
but the challenges you face can be easier,
if you will simply bow down and pray.

For guidance from One who truly loves you
and wants you to know He does care;
If you will humble yourself before Him,
Graciously, He will answer your prayer.

The answer you get may not suit you,
it may seem a bit harsh and cruel;
but, The Lord knows what is best for you,
He makes judgment by the Golden Rule.

That rule which He goes by is simple,
do unto others as you'd want them to do,
if you treat those around you with kindness,
that kindness will come back to you.

And by doing, you will find the answers
to questions that lie heavy on your mind;
when you show love and respect for another,
you will discover it will return, in kind.

Seek ways to resolve misunderstandings,
ask for guidance, through turmoil and strife;
Then surely, you will find the answers
to the struggles that confront you in life;

God is With Us Step

The Answer is Prayer by Gerald R Hill