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I guess I'm just a dreamer at heart
to imagine such a fantastic blend,
of Star Ships and Space Ships, and Aliens
who are living on worlds without end.

What a marvel it is when my imagination
can carry me through a Universe so far;
and whisk me away to an enchanted world,
in a place that is beyond the stars.

I just can't imagine that we could be
the only beings in a vast Universe.
It is arrogant to think that we are alone
in our world, for better or worse.

Astronomers have proven with telescopes
that the Universe is an unending wonder.
And our Galaxy is filled with billions of stars,
in a Universe of Galaxies without number.

I cannot accept the "Big Bang" theory,
or that life just happened by chance.
Or that we could possibly be one of a kind
in this vast and wondrous expanse.

Scriptures say that worlds were created
without number in a fantastic array;
and that, as one world is newly created,
so another world passes away.

It only seems reasonable worlds with life
could be further advanced than we are,
and our world would be even more advanced
than those created after, by far.

So why could there not be other beings
more advanced and intelligent that we;
who have traveled the stars in wondrous ships
that this world of ours has yet to see.

Just to witness a friendly Alien arrival
would be a dream come true for me.
To know for certain that they do exist
would be a wondrous sight to see.

It is obvious that I am a confirmed believer
In the existence of Alien Worlds.
And the proof of this is patiently waiting
for the time when this truth will be unfurled.

Aliens by Gerald R Hill

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